Move over cats, whale sharks are about to take over the hearts of the world’s animal lovers! Here’s why…

1. The Baddest Name in the Sea

The whale shark is basically the liger of the sea. It’s what happens when you mix the ocean’s two coolest creatures: whales and sharks (duh). Of course, technically whale sharks aren’t whales at all, but they ARE 100% sharks, and that’s awesome on its own.

2. They’re HUGE

Whale sharks are single-handedly the biggest fish in the sea. How big? Well, they’re approximately the size of a school bus, and their mouths can be over three feet wide! Because we know you were wondering, the biggest whale shark ever recorded was almost 42 ft. wide and weighed over 47,000 lbs. That’s a lot to love!

3. Those Teeth, Though

Remember those crazy wide mouths we were talking about? Well, they’re full of 300-350 rows of teeth, totaling 3,000+ individual chompers! Don’t be afraid, though. Those teeth are so tiny that they look like velcro and are far too small to do any serious damage. Not to mention, whale sharks aren’t people-eaters (they couldn’t eat you if they wanted), or even fish-eaters. They’re filter feeders who eat things like plankton, and their thousands of tiny teeth help separate food from water. So not only are they the ligers of the sea, they’re also the Brita filters of the ocean.

Pretty awesome, right? At Rock the Ocean, whale sharks are always on our mind, but for a sad reason. Due to overfishing and shark finning, their numbers are dwindling, and that’s bad news for the whole planet.

As filter feeders, they play an important role in clarifying water, and without them the ocean would look like a swampy mess. So, help us save the whale sharks—donate today!