5 Reasons to go to Tortuga Music Festival: Reason #1

Sustainable fun at Tortuga Music Festival

Not only do we throw one hell of a party at Rock The Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival, we do it with as little environmental impact as possible. In fact, you could say our party impacts the environment in a positive way. This is in part by ensuring that money raised from tickets and auction sales go back to our partners fighting for ocean and marine life conservation. biodegradable plasticsWe’ve set standards that make sure the only kind of footprint our festival leaves is in the sand.  Here are some the of measures we take to ensure we leave the beach better than we found it:

  • We offer only recyclable and biodegradable service ware
  • We have prohibited glass bottles, plastic straws, and any plastic not compostable
  • We do not allow single use plastic bottles and instead prefer reusable containers or infinitely recyclable
    aluminum cans
  • ALL of our vendors serve only sustainable seafood; meaning they are caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways.
  • We offer multiples forms of alternative transportation: carbon footprint map
  • Water taxis, shuttles, rail/train ways, and bike parking
  • 100% of the festival’s carbon footprint will be offset using Blue Carbon Credits,
    which restore wetland plants and marshes critical for sequestering carbon and reversing global warming

This means you can feel great about what you’re taking part in while your listening to your favorite acts play all weekend long. The best feeling is when you can relax, have a few cold ones, and still be productive. We even have partners who will trade you trash you collect for free sunglasses and merch. So come on out and join us in the fight to keep our ocean and marine life thriving!

Check out the festival information here, the weekend line up here, and what Rock The Ocean supports here.