5 Reasons to go to Tortuga Music Festival: Reason #3

At it’s foundation the Tortuga Music Festival was created to help those that are active in our 5 core issues. The Festival generates thousands of dollars in donations for the companies we partner with that are fighting for those core issues. In the industry we call this a win-win. You (our guests) get to enjoy a weekend of great music, great weather, and the greatest of vibes in a vacation(ish) environment while helping raise money for said vacation(ish) environment.

Tortuga Music Festival takes place on a turtle nesting beach

The sand in between your toes is the same sand that we’re trying to protect so Turtles have a clean/safe beach to lay their eggs.

Sharks will have loving, caring, advocates for as little as  $.63 cents a day (assuming you get the weekend pass).  Our coral reefs will still be around in 2050 because we stand together in front of people such as Eric Church, Sam Hunt, and Keith Urban. You can help fight over-fishing by donning your swim wear, sunscreen, and….sundries?? All alliteration aside, now that you know of all the good that’s being generated by attending the Tortuga Music Festival how could you not be a part of the show?!


Pick up your weekend passes here, check out the issues you’ll be supporting here, and see whom you’ll be watching on stage here.

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