About Us

We’ll give it to you straight. Oceans worldwide are in serious peril due to overfishing, severely damaged habitats, and pollution. The ocean is our greatest natural resource and our fate depends on its health, but oceans are headed for mass extinctions unless we take action.


But what can a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization like RTO do?

  1. With deep music industry connections, we host benefit concerts and events throughout the world—including Tortuga Music Festivaland team up with famous entertainers like Kenny Chesney, Sheryl Crow, Luke Bryan, Brett Eldredge, Train, and many others to bring attention and funds to ocean conservation!
  2. Through our foundation, we increase public awareness about issues impacting the world’s oceans and support scientific research, education, and ocean conservation initiatives.
  3. We make some pretty awesome lifestyle apparel and send 50% of the proceeds directly back the Rock The Ocean Foundation!

As for where those funds go, a portion of the proceeds from Rock The Ocean concerts and events go directly to support science, education, outreach, and specific ocean conservation initiatives. We partner with more than 30 like-minded local and national organizations every year for our Conservation Village. We are proud to provide funding for thought leaders and pioneers in the conservation space, including The University of Miami, Guy Harvey’s Ocean FoundationNova Southeastern University, Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, Surfrider, and many others.