Tortuga Music Festival

Rock The Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival is a world-class music festival in paradise with the express mission of spreading awareness of Ocean Conservation issues! On April 7-9, 2017, Fort Lauderdale Beach will host RTO’s Tortuga Music Festival. During Tortuga, the magical shores of the Atlantic Ocean host our supporters for a one-of-a-kind oceanfront music experience, featuring top country and rock artists and killer local food.

One of the most special components of Tortuga is Rock The Ocean’s signature concept “Conservation Village,” a gathering of like-minded organizations who are experts in the various issues threatening our seas. These organizations come together to as a united front to build awareness of the many issues putting our seas at risk. Tortuga provides conservation messaging to 30,000+ concert fans annually with a unique “edu-tainment” experience!

Oh, and here’s the best part: a portion of the proceeds from all of our events go directly back to our Conservation Village partners! Who said you couldn’t have a great time while being agents for change?